Professional care makes lives better

Guernsey Carers Agency aims to provide a professional care service to cover the wide range of needs often facing families when crises hit or health is failing. 

Set up by two professional people with a long history of wanting to help others, we aim to make a difference in people’s lives.


Nursing Director:  Deborah Spencer is a Registered General Nurse and qualified VQ assessor with a heart to make people’s lives better.  She has worked in the care industry for over three decades and has a wide range of professional experience including hospitals, community nursing, nursing and residential homes, working in a clinical and managerial capacity.  Deborah’s qualifications include an honours degree in Professional Practice, and she has worked both in Guernsey, England and Australia.

Director:  Dr Laurence Spencer is a retired professional engineer with a long-standing desire to improve people’s lives.  He worked as Associate Professor at The University of Western Australia where he also started and ran a self-funding programme linking student projects with external organisations.  Laurence has lived and worked in a variety of capacities in several countries.  He has an honours degree and a PhD in mechanical engineering where his research aimed to overcome problems with alleviating poverty in developing countries.  He also had several years’ experience as a full-time family carer, having supported his late wife of 39 years with “end of life” care.



Guernsey Carers Agency was set up in late 2017 to provide a broad range of services to enable people to remain in their homes for as long as possible without placing a burden on family and friends.  We aim to make it easier for people to enjoy the comfort and security of their own homes when health or physical challenges would otherwise require them to go elsewhere.  We recognise that this may require a broad range of services so that our clients can rest assured that they are receiving expert support wherever it is needed.